From the hundreds of testimonials that we are so grateful for we've pulled some of our favorites for you. Most are from YELP if you want to go check them out.



"WOW!! I'm so blown away, I seriously can't believe that's me!! Both George and I are in awe, thank you sooo much! You really have a gift. I'm smiling, blushing and crying all at the same time...it's crazy to see yourself like this!" - Vanessa


As a woman who has literally never liked anything about her body, I was not expecting anything productive come out of my first boudoir shoot. My friend and I decided it would be a fun and different experience and worst that could happen is that we hate our pictures and schedule an appointment with Dr. 90210. 

I was immediately greeted with champagne and a huge smile. They whisked me away to hair and makeup with Victoria. As an owner of an event planning company, I have to say that I see a lot of horrible hair-do's and don'ts, and fugly makeup. But WOW did she turn me into a VS model...I mean, like a legit 10.

Got dressed into my getup. I was petrified of coming out of the dressing room. After having 3 kids, I definitely do not feel like I used to. But...boy was it my lucky day! My photog for the shoot was absolutely incredible. Not only did she make me feel completely comfortable and relaxed, but she was super motivating and just an all around beautiful person. Most of all, she is just so talented at what she does. 

She showed me the photos after my shoot. I could not believe this hott vixen I saw before my eyes. Uhhhh is that, for real, me? Uhhhh may I please submit these to hott mom's of playboy issue? I could not believe how amazingly beautiful and tasteful the pictures turned out to be. I have never felt so beautiful and sexy and could never imagined that I could look THAT good. 

I would absolutely recommend them to anyone. It's an amazing experience and great for the self esteem :) 





Our new friend Courtney flew in for her By The Sea shoot and she will be joining us in Tulum in May!! We are looking forward to taking her photo again in an even more epic location!! 


I just can't stop thinking about my experience with you yesterday- I still can't believe that was me in those photos! I don't know if you could see my reaction at all when I was viewing the photos, but I definitely cried a little. Never in my life have I felt as beautiful and comfortable with myself as I did when I saw my photos! I came into this expecting to give a gift to my fiancé, and have a little fun pampering myself, but I definitely didn't expect to come out of it feeling like 15+ years of body image issues had melted away! Leading up to the shoot, I was very nervous about how my imperfections would photograph, and how I would compare to the other women who are brave enough to step  in front of a perfect stranger with a camera...but as soon as I got there and started picking out sets and outfits with your guidance, I completely forgot about the things I worried about. During the whole shoot, I didn't question how my stomach looked, or whether my cellulite was showing...you truly made it a fun and encouraging experience from start to finish. Thank you for providing a service that allows women to see themselves in a way that they've never seen themselves before- if only every woman could have that experience, we'd all be in a better place!
You guys are wonderful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I don't even know where to start. My experience with the all women staff at The Boudoir Divas have been nothing short of fantastic and I am not one to give such high praises to just any reputable company. 

When I arrived at the Studio, I saw a hand signed plate with my name on it and a bottle of champagne. I was greeted by Ashley who went over the details of my appointment and was also the person doing my hair and makeup. It took a good 1.5 hrs. I opted for "glam". I had no idea how intensive the makeup application process was. I felt like a "geisha" with the layers of makeup that was on my face. No joke. I'm a 5 minute makeup application and go woman so this was an eye opener for me. Ashley insisted that half the makeup that was applied on my face would be gone by the time the photo shoot was over due to lighting. She was not kidding! Why I even questioned in the first place must've been nerves!

On to meeting the photographer., Marissa Boucher. We discussed clothing suggestions and the mood I was going for. Let me tell you, if there was a personality that fits the needs of a Boudoir Photographer, its THIS woman. She's sweet, energetic, and an absolute positive presence during my entire shoot. Marissa is definitely no amateur photographer and in a short amount of time, I felt at ease with her direction. 

Moving on [to the the viewing]. Their photo editor Lindsey was the one who took care of me during that process. The amount of photos that were shot was so overwhelming. Lindsey was able to help me narrow it down to the best possible shots in a short amount of time. I was blown away by some of the photos that I selected. I felt and looked gorgeous during the shoot and Marissa was able to capture that on film....was able to capture the progress my physique had gone through that past year. My husband, my friends, my family, and coworkers were in awe when they saw the photos. If you know me personally, then you know I'm usually in baggy hospital scrubs with a ponytail and minimal makeup for 60 hrs/week on the night shift. Outside of work, I'm in jeans and a T-shirt. To be able to see a dolled up version of myself captured on film portrayed as sexy, confident, and healthy in poses that I consider classy and timeless makes me smile. 

Just trust the process. Listen to your Makeup Artist. They know what they're talking about. Listen to your Photographer too. When you go with the flow, you will look fantastic in the end. Trust me. I'll be coming back and so is my friends and family whose already pre-booked since my December 2016 appointment. 




“Babe, Words can’t explain how wonderful the Calendar is. I always knew that you’re so BEAUTIFUL but Babe I think we might need to show those off to some professionals. Again Babe WOW! I LOVE EVERY MONTH! When I look at them I tell myself “Why in the HELL did I leave this Woman!”. The amazing part I tell you all the time is that you’re more BEAUTIFUL inside but now its about the same! I use to sit there sometimes & picture you in my mind but now I don’t have to worry about that.

Having you in my life is the BEST gift I could ever ask for Babe. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH & MISS YOU A WHOLE LOT MORE AFTER MY PRESENT! Thanks Babe I really am thankful for the present. I will cherish it not just for the year but the rest of my life!”


“I just wanted to pass along a HUGE thank you. I was pretty nervous when I got to the studio (probably way more than I let on), but Marissa was so sweet and encouraging from the start. I knew my Diva experience was going to be fabulous, but I couldn’t have predicted how comfortable I felt – and how much fun I would have! I felt really sexy and confident, and was literally astounded when I saw my photos in my preview. I don’t normally love seeing a ton of pictures of myself, but Marissa and I both had such a hard time narrowing down the photos to put in my album. Needless to say, I can’t wait to see the finished product! The album was meant to be a gift to my fiance, but ultimately, the whole experience was a gift to myself. So thank you, Marissa, for making my experience so wonderful! I am SO glad I have Diva status so I can come back one more time…and it probably won’t be my last. And you guys can feel free to use my pictures if you like – never thought I would say that, but who would want to hide pictures by the Boudoir Divas when they all come out looking so hot!”



“WOW!!! It looks amazing! [her album proof] I completely approve! Thank you so so much for making me look (and feel) so absolutely gorgeous! This experience has been by far one of the best of my life! It has done wonders for my self esteem and I can’t thank you and the rest of the Boudoir Divas enough for allowing myself and so many other women to have a space for this kind of experience.

Every woman no matter her age or size should be able to try this once in her life… if only so she can walk away from it with the boost to her ego and self esteem that we all need and so rarely get in other areas of the world and our lives where we are constantly judged and put in competition against everyone else. The Boudoir Divas have created something so completely unique and awesome and I can’t stop telling every woman I know about you guys and especially you Deena- you were the best and couldn’t have made me feel more at ease!!!

So thank you a million times over for my totally awesome shoot and making me look so gorgeous! I am SO excited to give this album to my fiance for a wedding present and see the look on his face! 🙂 Thank you!!!!!”


“I had always wanted to do a boudoir shoot, and when I finally got up the nerve to do one, I was SHOCKED on how much fun I had! Marissa and the team at Boudoir Divas went out of their way to make me feel welcome and VERY comfortable! I smiled and laughed and had SOOOO much fun! Would I do it again….in a heartbeat! The ultimate joy of the event is that the confidence you feel stays with you long after the shoot is over. 🙂 It awakened a feeling of beauty inside me that I had never felt before. I’m truly grateful for the experience…and I encourage ALL women who want to feel sexy and flirty and beautiful (no matter what size or age you are!) to GO FOR IT! You won’t regret it!”
xoxoxo -Diane P

“p.s.- I still have people complimenting me on the video from my shoot….and my smile just gets bigger! 🙂 Thank you Boudoir Divas!”