2019 update |

San Diego & Nashville

The Boudoir Divas are now in two locations!
In 2018 we wrapped up shoots in our boho loft in Leucadia to start a new chapter. We now will be offering shoots every few months in both locations!

Our new Carlsbad studio is perfect for what we do!!

We have many other projects going as well (did you know we shoot music videos too?) so shoots spots are always limited. Keep checking back on this website for new dates.




If there is one thing I am EXTREMELY proud of, it's the women that make up our team! We have been together for years, and you guys, they, WE, are REALLY good at what we do. We take pride in that we love helping women feel comfortable in their skin and reminding them of their unique beauty. And we have photographed more than 4000 women in the past 15 years!!! 

I believe this is the most exceptional group of ladies. And we would love to coach you through every bit of the photography process. 

From left to right:
Ashley Vitale- Manager, HMU and photographer
Megan Porras- Photographer
ME! (Marissa Boucher)- Owner, creative director and photographer
Lindsey Estes- Production manager and video

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OUR MISSION | #beyourownsupermodel

Feeling completely comfortable in your own skin just as you are right now is entirely possible.

Creating a work of art, a powerful image, that helps you get back into that headspace every time you look at it is our goal here.


If you've tried taking a jaw dropping image of yourself in the past and it left you feeling a little lackluster,

that was just because you were in the hands of an inexperienced photographer.


It's okay if booking this scares you a little, all of our clients are nervous.

But thousands of former ecstatic Boudoir Diva's clients prove that you just need to take a leap of faith.

We believe in your beauty. And we believe in our expertise and our magic.




Thank you so much for taking your time to peruse our little world on the web.

The Boudoir Divas is more than a business to me. And if you come here and work with my team you will understand exactly what I mean. Not only will we make you feel completely comfortable, but you will also get images that make you look even more amazing than you already are.

I have had the incredible honor of teaching other boudoir photographers all over the world (see my store for photographers here), and like I mentioned above I am most proud of the ladies here on The Boudoir Divas Team. They are insanely talented. Thank you for allowing us to have our dream job.

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