I am awkward in front of the camera and I don’t know how to look sexy...

You are COMPLETELY normal! 🙂 In fact we hear all of our clients say that. Remember that one of our wonderful female photographers will coach you through the entire photo shoot, telling you exactly what to do, how to pose, and what expression to give. The most apparent and repeated comment in our testimonials section is about how comfortable and relaxed we make our client’s feel; so you are in good hands 🙂As bad as you think you may be at taking a photo, don't you worry, you are will be guided by the most experienced boudoir coaches. 

Will you be airbrushing my images?

Yes. We will airbrush all of the images in your order. Every image that you purchase digitally or that's in your boudoir album includes our standard airbrushing – which is skin softening, reducing the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles, as well as blemish removal. Keep in mind we do not “nip and tuck” extensively. We want to make sure that we aren’t conforming to society’s ridiculous standard of beauty. (With that said, you are the client and we want you to be happy with your images, should you request more extensive contouring we can do so at an additional fee.)  We will pose, light, and style you to flatter YOUR figure and celebrate who YOU are so that retouching is minimal – not mold and change you into what our culture is teaching us ladies we need to be. #beyourownsupermodel If you want a real life example of a real life supermodel doing this follow @nonairbrushedme

Do you photograph women who are very full figured?

Of course! We photograph women of ALL shapes and sizes, of all ages, and from all walks of life! One thing we hear very often is: “I feel like I need to lose a few pounds before doing this shoot”… and to that we say, NO WAY! Don’t wait to lose a few extra pounds. This isn’t about looking thinner, this is about looking beautiful! And we promise you you absolutely will. No matter what your body type, we want to help capture YOUR unique beauty.

It depends on how many “looks” are included in your package, but you should plan to be at our studio for a minimum of 3-8 hours. Typically hair and make-up is 1-2 hours. And then we say about 30-45 minutes per look. If you are doing a "By The Sea" session it's a 6-7.5 hour session and it will typically run about 35 minutes past sunset. 

How long will my session last?


We have an amazing small staff of all-female boudoir photographers here at The Boudoir Divas. And while you won’t know who your photographer is until you get here, we promise you will be in excellent hands, there are only a few of us, and the newest gal has been shooting boudoir for 3 years now. Each photographer is very knowledgeable with hundreds of shoots under her belt.  Our staff is kind, hard working, and all of us believe every woman is uniquely beautiful.

Who will be my boudoir photographer?

First we think we have the most experience, and that is crucial to understand how to flatter any figure.

Next, we really, really care. When you walk in you will be treated like a friend, and I assure you you will feel totally comfortable. We have heard so many stories out there about the sketchy or uncomfortable experiences our clients have had at other locations, not only does that sadden us, but it pushes us to be the best we possibly can. Our loft is a luxurious, warm and welcoming space that we spent tens of thousands of dollars outfitting to be the chic-est, hippest, space for you to take photos to last a lifetime.

Next, if you are unhappy with your images, we will do a re-shoot for you. It hasn’t happened, but we are sure that’s a comfort when you are investing in us.

The team is the best of the best. And their experience in this industry warrants a professionals pay.

A photo shoot like this isn’t something you will probably treat yourself too often in your life, and sure you could grab a cheaper photographer, but we truly believe that if you are investing you should spend a little more and get an experience to last a lifetime. And our books are truly beautiful.

Please read our testimonials from past clients to see what other women think about The Boudoir Divas experience! Also – check out our reviews on Google & Yelp!

There are a lot of boudoir photographers out there, and definitely cheaper ones, why should I choose you?

In our new space we don’t actually have defined sets, we jump around and move furniture and go into different areas of the space, like even the shower and the kitchen if you want! On the day of your shoot, after hair and make-up, we will chat before your shoot and show you examples and create a game plan together.

Is there a way I can see all your “sets”?

No problem! So many of our clients come in with cute outfits, dresses, jean shorts, rompers, jeans n tanks and the list goes on! Click through our galleries and you will see what we mean. 

I don't want my shoot to be overly sexy...

Kinda. We shoot topless and the illusion of nudity. So you don't actually see any lower lady bits ya know? But it's still super sexy.

Do you shoot nude images?

Good for you!!! In fact I would say about half our clients say that they are just doing this for themselves. Everyone has a different story for why they come in, and we are honored to play a part in it. #beyourownsupermodel

I'm not doing this for anyone, it's just for myself....

No problem! We have tons of different product options and we can help you make the decision to swap out your book for something else at your viewing. 

I don't want a book, can I swap it out for more digital or something else?