What IS boudoir photography?

What IS boudoir photography? Our definition of Boudoir photography is intimate, sexy, classy, beautiful photos of a woman for his/her eyes only. Our style of boudoir photography is focused on flattering, tasteful poses to highlight our female client’s unique beauty while also only giving the illusion of nudity vs revealing what can be left to the imagination of the client or significant other. Everyone’s definition of sexy is different so we also welcome a sexy dress for example as well or whatever you feel comfortable in.

Who should get a boudoir shoot?

We truly believe that EVERY woman deserves to have a boudoir shoot…to celebrate who they are, exactly as they are or maybe to remind themselves of just how beautiful they are right here, right now.

Where will my boudoir shoot take place?

At our comfortable, private, fun 6500 sq ft commercial space studio in the Mira Mesa/Sorrento Valley Area, just east of the La Jolla and Torrey Pines beach areas, and south of Del Mar. We will send you the address and directions once you have booked your boudoir shoot with us.

Who will be my boudoir photographer?

We have an amazing staff of all-female boudoir photographers here at The Boudoir Divas. And while you won’t know who your photographer is until you get here, we promise you will be in excellent hands, because our staff photographers are not contracted – but are actually trained employees by the owners themselves. Our staff is kind, hard working and all of us think every woman is uniquely beautiful.

How much will my boudoir shoot cost?

The boudoir shoot cost starts at $220 and can range all the way up to $6,000, with plenty of options in between. See our Pricing page for more info.

What’s the boudoir shoot experience like?

Our studio focuses so much on your boudoir shoot experience that we’ve dedicated an entire page to it! 🙂 Please visit our “Experience” page to read all about the photo shoot experience with The Boudoir Divas.

Do I need to bring my own outfit for my boudoir shoot? If so, what would be best? ex. Black Corset

Yes, we recommend that you do bring your own outfit to the studio. Something you feel comfortable in. Our FAVORITE outfit to photograph is a BLACK CORSET, with cute black boy short panties or low-rise panties (these types usually photograph better than thongs). (Check out THIS cute one from Fredrick’s of Hollywood). We have a dressing room with tons of fun accessories, shoes, corsets and some clothes, but you may not like what we have so it is best to bring an outfit you know you will love. 🙂 At the very minimum you must bring a bra and pantie set (we suggest black) and we can pair it with our corsets or babydolls. However if you are on a budget, don’t go break the bank shopping for lingerie and heels, I am sure we will be able to find a beautiful black corset or babydoll. Just be sure to bring a few pairs of black undies and a push up bra.

Do you have boudoir outfits for your clients? What styles and sizes do you have in-studio?

We have all the basic boudoir outfits and accessories like corsets, babydolls, garter belts, fishnet thigh highs, black heels and more. But remember that there is no guarantee you will find something you love so we recommend bringing something that you know you feel good in. Keep in mind that you’re going to love your images, so if you are minding your budget you may want to go that route of using the items from our dressing room. Be sure to visit the dressing room section of our website for some examples of what we have in-studio.

How long will my boudoir shoot last?

It depends on how many boudoir “Productions” you book, but you should plan to be at our studio for a minimum of 2 hours (for 1 production), all the way up to 8 hours if you book one of our larger boudoir shoot packages.

There are a lot of boudoir photographers out there; why should I choose The Boudoir Divas for my boudoir experience? How well do you rate on Google Reviews & Yelp?

Finding your perfect boudoir photographer is all about how they make you feel before the shoot and how much you love their images. Remember that it isn’t JUST about the photos though, you want this to be a fun and comfortable experience. Above all, trust and credibility with photos of this sensitive nature is very important. We have had COUNTLESS emails from women telling us that they’ve been searching online for a boudoir photographer, and when they stumbled across our website, they immediately knew that we were the perfect boudoir photographer for them!

Our studio was designed to feel like the “Disneyland” of all boudoir studios, meaning we want our clients to feel like they have entered a fun new world of fantasy and glamour.

Please read our testimonials from past clients to see what other women think about The Boudoir Divas experience! Also – check out our reviews on Google & Yelp!

Is professional hair and makeup included in my boudoir shoot? And do I pay the artist separately?

Unless you select the Supermodel Package, hair and makeup would need to be added a la carte (hair & makeup IS included with the Supermodel Package). You may add hair & makeup for $125 with one of our fab make-up artists. We have worked out a killer deal with these amazing artists, to provide our clients with both hair & makeup at this discounted rate of $125. (Please note, you will be paying the artist directly, so please prepare to bring a check or cash for the artist).

Why do we recommend specific hair & makeup for your boudoir shoot?

We HIGHLY recommend getting professional hair & makeup for your boudoir shoot with us whether or not it’s with our professional stylist or not! This is because we are using high-quality, professional lighting set-ups. These lights are so powerful that they tend to wash out your normal, ‘everyday’ makeup. Our hair & makeup artists know how to apply makeup in a way that will best show off your beauty with the lighting that we use to retain contrast in the overall image. If you do choose to do your own make-up, keep in mind that you will need to apply it much heavier than you typically would, in order to keep from looking “washed out” with our professional lighting setups. If you choose to do your own hair & makeup, you will need to arrive to the studio completely ‘camera-ready.’ You will not have adequate time or reserved space to do your hair and makeup here at the studio, because once you arrive, you’ll have your planning meeting/quick consultation with your photographer, and then we will start shooting almost immediately after.

Should you go tanning before your boudoir shoot?

Our simple suggestion is “no.” when it comes to tanning before your boudoir shoot. We have seen a lot of tans go wrong and sometimes photograph a bit orange. Well, actually we have seen them photograph REALLY orange! Yikes. Very intense tan lines as well. The only exception to this is if you are going to a place you have frequented very often and never come out with your palms painted or your skin orange. Keep in mind if you do have a bad experience with your tan, that we only reschedule your shoot if you call 7 days in advance. So you are assuming the risk of the spray tan. We cannot be held responsible to correct a spray tan, tan lines, etc, in Photoshop. Any additional retouching to your images due to tans will result in an additional charge.

Can I bring my own boudoir shoot props?

You are welcome to bring your own boudoir shoot props as long as they aren’t too big (ie motorcycle). We also ask that you not bring any props that might be beyond our photographers’ level of comfort (ie whips and handcuffs), as there may be another boudoir studio that would better suit your needs and shooting style preference. We do not allow guns or pets of any sort to be brought into our studio as props.

If you have any questions about any particular prop that you are considering bringing, please feel free to give us a call and chat with a staff member about it. Also, please remember we only allow one prop per set. This is mainly due to the fact that props take quite a bit of time to make them look ‘just right’ – and we want don’t want that time taken away from getting plenty of photos of you!

Can I use your boudoir shoot props?

Of course! We have standard boudoir shoot props such as cute items like a football, cowboy hats, vintage microphone, golf club, long strings of pearls, gloves, accessories, and more.

Will you airbrush my boudoir images?

Yes. We will airbrush all of the images in your order. Every image that you purchase for your disc or boudoir album includes our standard airbrushing – which is skin softening, reducing the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles, as well as blemish removal. Keep in mind we do not “nip and tuck” the photos. We want to make sure that we aren’t conforming to society’s ridiculous standard of beauty. We will pose, light, and style you to flatter YOUR figure and celebrate who YOU are – not mold and change you into what our culture is teaching us ladies we need to be.

Do you ever photograph women who are full-figured?

Of course! We photograph women of ALL shapes and sizes, of all ages, and from all walks of life! One thing we hear very often is: “I feel like I need to lose a few pounds before doing this shoot”… and to that we say, NO WAY! Don’t wait to lose a few extra pounds. This isn’t about looking thinner, this is about looking beautiful! And we promise you you absolutely will. No matter what your body type, we want to help capture YOUR unique beauty.

I feel a little nervous about my boudoir shoot as I don’t know how to be ‘sexy’ in front of a camera.

You are COMPLETELY normal! 🙂 In fact we hear all of our clients say that. Remember that one of our wonderful female photographers will coach you through the entire photo shoot, telling you exactly what to do, how to pose, and what expression to give. The most apparent comment in our testimonials section is about how comfortable and relaxed we make our client’s feel; so you are in good hands 🙂

Can I book my boudoir session on a Friday or Saturday?

Our company policy is that we only book a boudoir session for 3 or more Productions on Fridays, and select Saturdays. Of course, you can always add more productions to your shoot, in order to reach the 3-Production minimum that we require to book a Friday or Saturday session. However every now & then, we are able to make exceptions – so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

How soon should I inquire about booking my boudoir shoot?

Our studio typically books up very quickly – most of our clients book their boudoir shoot about 2-6 weeks in advance. When you are ready to book your shoot, call our studio and chat with one of the team members from our all-female staff: 858-485-0443. We book photo sessions Monday through Friday, with bigger packages booked on Saturdays(3 productions or more).

What time do you typically book boudoir shoots?

Our studio & office hours are 10am-6pm. Your boudoir shoot will be either in the morning (starting anywhere from 8:30am until 10am), OR you might be able to schedule an afternoon shoot (your shoot would need to start at 3pm in order to be completed before our office hours end at 6-7pm). The start and end time of your shoot will vary, depending on factors such as: whether you are adding hair & makeup, and the number of productions you would like to purchase for your shoot. Once you are ready to book, give us a call and we’ll chat some more about the timing for your shoot. Also please inquire about availability for our “After Dark” boudoir sessions (858.485.0443)

I have to work around my work schedule, is there any way I can do an evening boudoir session?

To accommodate our clients’ busy schedules, we have now started offering an “After Dark” evening boudoir session which would start at 5pm (hair and make-up would need to start earlier). There are only a few select After Dark dates, and they tend to book up far in advance and don’t include same day viewings – so please contact us asap if you would like to schedule an evening photo shoot. Also, please note – with our After Dark Boudoir sessions, you will probably not be able to view your images on that same night. We will typically need to schedule a viewing session for you at a future time.

What is your cancellation policy? ( Reschedule your boudoir shoot )

We ask that in order to be able to reschedule your boudoir shoot without losing your deposit/retainer, you must call and let us know exactly 7 days before your shoot. Unfortunately we never make an exception for this policy as we have multiple staff booked and ready to accommodate you in advance that would not be there otherwise. And, in truth, when we didn’t have this policy in place we had clients rescheduling left & right because this experience is, understandably, a little nerve wracking. In order to maintain our small business’ existence this policy is necessary. We truly appreciate your understanding.

What exactly is included with my boudoir production?

That actually depends on what you choose to book. At the minimum each boudoir Production includes a 30 minute session (including change time), help in styling your outfit, at least 5 poses with variations, 30 proofs to choose from and a same day viewing. It also includes FOUR digital files(per production) that you can print at the lab of your choice, up to a size 8×12. It will take approximately 2 weeks after your shoot to receive your disk of images.

What if I want to add another set and outfit to my boudoir session?

If time permits you can add one more Production to your boudoir session (set/outfit change) for $220. We highly recommend adding an extra set, because it will give you SO much more variety in your images, and it will include additional digital images to your disc! (Plus, you’re going to LOVE your boudoir experience… you will wish you had added another set!) 🙂

Do you do shoot nude boudoir photos?

Sorry, no we don’t shoot nude boudoir photos at this time. But we can do the ‘illusion of nudity’, meaning you are technically naked but we never show the naughty bits through clever posing or wardrobe. 😉

How sexy do I need to go in my boudoir photo shoot?

This is completely up to you! You can go super-sexy, with lingerie (a la Maxim magazine), or bring in one of your hubby’s white shirts, or of course you can always go a little more conservative – even a sexy dress could look amazing! After all, it’s your boudoir photo shoot 😉

Do you offer couples boudoir sessions?

Sorry, no we don’t. We specialize in photographing women, and do not offer couples boudoir sessions at this time.

Do you offer Pin-Up style boudoir photos? And the Pin-Up hair and make-up as well?

Yep, sure do! We have several sets and styles of photography to choose from, so the choice is really up to you. We suggest you use book our in-house professional make-up artist to get that amazing Pin-Up hair and make-up look.

What different styles of boudoir sets do you have at your studio?

We have so many different boudoir sets for you to choose from at our studio! Please check out the “Set Options” area of our website.

Do you offer outdoor boudoir shoots aka on-location?

We do have a few outdoor boudoir locations where we love to shoot, however, this will be at an additional location fee. Please contact us if you would like more information on our boudoir on-location photo shoots. At certain times of the year we also offer destination boudoir shoots(past locations have included Paris, France and the Caribbean).

What if I want to purchase something additional, like a boudoir album or calendar?

You are more than welcome to make an additional purchase such as a boudoir album or calendar after your shoot. We have a large variety of different products for you to purchase a la carte, after your session. You are not required to purchase anything additional. *NOTE: if you decide to purchase an album, certain products take longer to produce – up to 4 weeks. We can fill you in on those specific turn-around times when you place your order here in the studio.

When do I get to see (and choose) my boudoir images?

We do same-day viewings at our studio!* Immediately after your photo shoot, you will have a quick break here at the studio, where we will have you wait in our lobby for approximately 30-60 minutes after your shoot has ended (depending on how many sets you have chosen). At that point, you will have the opportunity to view all of your boudoir images (proofs), and make your selections. We ask that you make all your selection in your viewing. If you want a second viewing we require an additional $150 minimum purchase.

*Please note: there are some exceptions to the same-day viewing. We cannot guarantee that you will get a same-day viewing (for example, if your shoot is scheduled for an after-hours session). When you are booking your photo shoot, we will let you know if we aren’t able to do a same-day viewing. Otherwise, please DO plan to stay at our studio for your viewing!

Can I bring a friend to my boudoir photo shoot?

We do not allow anyone other than the photographer & the client in the shooting area of the studio during a photo shoot, so you are not able to bring anyone with you into the shoot itself. If you feel more comfortable with a girlfriend coming along, you are more than welcome to bring her, but she cannot be in the shooting area while we are shooting; she will need to wait in our lobby until after your shoot is done. However, if the two of you both want to have a session at the same time, we can usually make that work!

I have a friend who wants to book a boudoir photo shoot too…can we book our shoots on the same day or at the same time?

Yup! We just have to find a time on the calendar when two photographers are available. A lot of our clients like to have this experience with a friend, so it’s definitely possible. As long as we have 2 photographers available for your individual sessions, we will make it happen! Another factor depends on how many productions(sets) each of you choose, which will determine the length of time needed the day of your shoot(s).

Do you offer Pin-Up Parties, also known as a Boudoir Party?

Yes we do! Our Pin-Up Parties are so much fun! The hostess of the boudoir party will also receive $100 product credit as a bonus! (Click here for more info on the Pin-Up Parties)

Will you post my boudoir photos on your website or on your social media accounts?

No. Our client’s privacy is our number one priority. The clients you see have given us exclusive permission as without your written consent we will NEVER post your boudoir photos publicly. We understand the sensitive nature of boudoir photography and have the utmost respect for your wishes to keep then entirely private and secure.

Let’s do this! I’m ready to book my boudoir shoot. What do I need to do?

Let’s get you on the studio calendar! Shoot us an email or call us as we would love to chat with you about all your boudoir shoot related questions! 858-485-0443 | sdstudio@theboudoirdivas.com

Where does the shoot take place?

At our comfortable, private, fun 4500 sq ft commercial space studio in the Mira Mesa/Sorrento Valley Area, just east of the La Jolla and Torrey Pines beach areas, and south of Del Mar. We will send you the address and directions once you have booked your photo shoot with us.

Who should get a boudoir shoot?

We truly believe that EVERY woman deserves to have a boudoir photo shoot…to celebrate who they are, exactly as they are or maybe to remind themselves of just how beautiful they are right here, right now.

What exactly IS boudoir photography?

Our definition of Boudoir photography is intimate, sexy, classy, beautiful photos of a woman for his/her eyes only. Our style of boudoir photography is focused on flattering, tasteful poses to highlight our female client’s unique beauty while also only giving the illusion of nudity vs revealing what can be left to the imagination of the client or significant other.