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“OMG Erin!! 😀 I got my album and CD’s in this afternoon’s mail! You guys r-o-c-k in getting your work out so damn fast (less than 24 hrs, sheesh!)!!

I was once again, stunned speechless as I beheld my beautiful photo album in my hands. I felt, and still feel, choked up in gratitude, appreciation and sincere thankfulness. Emotions that are welling up from the soul because of giving me such a deeply personal and truly unique gift that no other person has. Your lovely team that day has shown me a beautiful side to myself that I’ve never seen. And now that you’ve allowed me to peer behind the heavy curtains of self doubt and dancing threads of insecurities, a mystical force of confidence has seared itself into my character which allows me to fight those horrible thoughts, perhaps forever! 🙂

If I were to wish any one thing for all of womenkind, is to spend the afternoon with your girls, such as the wonderous day that I had, all for the sake of “gifting” unto them what I have been blessed to have received. Please, please, please pass onto the entire staff my heartfelt thank you! ♥
Forever stronger,


“I just wanted to pass along a HUGE thank you. I was pretty nervous when I got to the studio (probably way more than I let on), but Marissa was so sweet and encouraging from the start. I knew my Diva experience was going to be fabulous, but I couldn’t have predicted how comfortable I felt – and how much fun I would have! I felt really sexy and confident, and was literally astounded when I saw my photos in my preview. I don’t normally love seeing a ton of pictures of myself, but Marissa and I both had such a hard time narrowing down the photos to put in my album. Needless to say, I can’t wait to see the finished product! The album was meant to be a gift to my fiance, but ultimately, the whole experience was a gift to myself. So thank you, Marissa, for making my experience so wonderful! I am SO glad I have Diva status so I can come back one more time…and it probably won’t be my last. And you guys can feel free to use my pictures if you like – never thought I would say that, but who would want to hide pictures by the Boudoir Divas when they all come out looking so hot!”


Thanks so much again- you made it so easy, I was soooooooooo nervous and when I got there and saw the other girls pics hanging up I just thought, maybe I should have strated working out more than a week ago! But you made it so comfortable and easy to do (and that is saying a lot because that is not easy for me to do!)Talk later!

Military Hubby

From a Deployed hubby to his wife….

“Babe, Words can’t explain how wonderful the Calendar is. I always knew that you’re so BEAUTIFUL but Babe I think we might need to show those off to some professionals. Again Babe WOW! I LOVE EVERY MONTH! When I look at them I tell myself “Why in the HELL did I leave this Woman!”. The amazing part I tell you all the time is that you’re more BEAUTIFUL inside but now its about the same! I use to sit there sometimes & picture you in my mind but now I don’t have to worry about that.

Having you in my life is the BEST gift I could ever ask for Babe. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH & MISS YOU A WHOLE LOT MORE AFTER MY PRESENT! Thanks Babe I really am thankful for the present. I will cherish it not just for the year but the rest of my life!”


“Every woman should have a boudoir shoot with the Boudoir Divas!! Our group consisted of “mommy friends” and I think we were all not quite sure what would happen! Well, we just finished our “Pin Up Party” yesterday and I am still feeling the fabulous effects! This was a fantastic experience!! I LOVED the hair and make up done by Peggy, she made me look so sophisticated! Never could have accomplished that on my own, this is for sure! We all felt so comfortable, and were amazed at how beautiful our images were. Marissa was so great, I did not feel nervous at all. She helped me with the poses, and kept it fun and flirty! I kept laughing, and she was able to incorporate my giggle fits into some of the most gorgeous photographs! I loved the shoot! The entire staff were so friendly and made sure we were having a good time. The photo book will be a birthday gift for my husband, but I think I am the lucky one to have had such an amazing day! Thank you so much Boudoir Divas!!!”
-Robin W


“WOW!!! It looks amazing! [her album proof] I completely approve! Thank you so so much for making me look (and feel) so absolutely gorgeous! This experience has been by far one of the best of my life! It has done wonders for my self esteem and I can’t thank you and the rest of the Boudoir Divas enough for allowing myself and so many other women to have a space for this kind of experience.

Every woman no matter her age or size should be able to try this once in her life… if only so she can walk away from it with the boost to her ego and self esteem that we all need and so rarely get in other areas of the world and our lives where we are constantly judged and put in competition against everyone else. The Boudoir Divas have created something so completely unique and awesome and I can’t stop telling every woman I know about you guys and especially you Deena- you were the best and couldn’t have made me feel more at ease!!!

So thank you a million times over for my totally awesome shoot and making me look so gorgeous! A special thanks to Peggy for the FANTASTIC hair and makeup as well! WOW! I am SO excited to give this album to my fiance for a wedding present and see the look on his face! 🙂 Thank you!!!!!”


Crystal, I would like to thank you so much for such a fun and wonderful day. It was such an amazing experience and I definitely plan on doing it again! You made it so easy to feel comfortable and at ease with a situation that some may feel to be awkward. Thank you for making be feel as beautiful as I should have that day and everyday for that matter. To be completely honest, your photo shoot made me feel more confident about myself and my body which is something that I have not had in a very long time. I really appreciate your time, hard work, and dedication to your craft of photography and making it such an enjoyable experience.You can trust that I have already told many people about it and I will continue to as I think every women should have as much fun as I did that day!I can’t wait to see how everything turns out. Hopefully I will get to see you when I get to pick up my book or at another shoot. If not, good luck with everything and especially your baby. Enjoy every moment of motherhood as I hear time flies by!


“Hello! Back in July, I came to your Open House with a friend who had already purchased and completed a production with you. To be honest, I came only to make her happy – I had no intention of ever doing anything quite that scary! At the Open House, I was so impressed with the studio that I booked a 2 production shoot for September 21. Between July 27 and September 21, I must have decided to cancel at least 6 or 8 times. But I bought the outfits and steeled my resolve, held my breath and …. showed up.From the minute I stepped into the studio at noon (to a personalized greeting on the stairs!) until the time I left after my viewing at 5:15, I can’t think of one single thing I would have changed. Not one. Peggy did my hair and makeup. I walked into her “salon” and gave her free reign over both my hair and my makeup. She made me look amazing! Then it was on to meet my photographer, Erin. I had no idea what sets I wanted, only the type of “look” I was shooting for. Erin looked at my outfits and immediately knew what I was looking to achieve. We decided on the Sweet and Sexy and Fashion Loft sets.
Then it was on to the shoot. Erin led me into the dressing room and out I walked, a fashion model! Erin led me through both shoots so effortlessly that I was shocked and a little disappointed at how quickly the time flew! I was having so much fun! It seemed like we were only shooting for 5 minutes – not an hour! I can’t not say enough about Erin. She was friendly, professional, funny, warm…

Time then came to view my photos. I brought along a friend for reinforcements. So ready to see me foolishly trying to look sexy. I wish I could remember the name of the girl who helped me with the review of the photos. We were introduced, but I was simply too nervous to retain anything other than my own name! When she put the photos up on the screen, I was flabbergasted. I was beautiful! That was me up there looking amazing. My package came with 10 digital shots. Our first cut got me to 52 shots. I simply couldn’t cut it down to only 10 and ended up purchasing an additional 15. When I asked if I could have a take away shot or two, she let me snap a couple of the shots I bought with my iPhone so I could show a friend I had promised to send pictures to. The icing on the cake was when he told me that I looked “STUNNING.”

I need you to know that this is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done for myself. Thank you. Thank you so much for the amazing experience!”


Kimberlee, I LOVED my experience with the Boudoir Divas! Everyone (Peggy, Crystal, YOU, Deena) was amazing. I was nervous about the whole experience but as soon as I was greeted and sat down for hair and makeup I felt like a star. My “normal” life is less than glamourous and I cannot thank you guys enough for making me look and feel stunning. I am SO excited to see the book and get all the photos. My fiancee is going to LOVE them!!! I think the supermodel package is an awesome deal and I keep trying to figure out when I want to come back for another shoot!Thanks again (and I have already referred you guys to a friend who is thinking about booking a shoot for her anniversary)!!!!


“Hi ladies, I just wanted to thank you all so much for one of the most memorable experiences of my life! I had no idea when I booked my photo shoot with The Boudoir Divas that every expectation I had would be exceeded. I came in from Arizona especially for my shoot, and from the moment I pulled in to my cute VIP parking space, I felt like a star! I am a stay-at-home mommy who is lucky to put on a little mascara on a good day, so I definitely loved starting my shoot getting pampered by Peggy while sipping a glass of champagne 🙂 . She made me feel right at home and my hair and make-up were exactly what I had envisioned.

I was a little nervous starting my shoot, but my photographer, Kimberlee made me feel super-comfortable. With their helpful tips for cute poses, I felt like a pro in no time 🙂 . I had a blast on the different sets (all gorgeous!) and by the end of the shoot, I was feeling so sexy, sassy and confident! Kimberlee’s photos just blew me away.

The icing on the cake was the viewing of my proofs. When the very first image came on the screen, I was speechless. I never, ever thought I would be able to say I loved so many pictures of myself, thank you for your expertise- I know I was so indecisive 🙂 ! I viewed my album proof today and again was so incredibly happy with the photos and design. Deena did a phenomenal job of putting it together. It looks exactly the way I want it, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I also wanted to give a special shout-out to Crystal. I must have called her at least a dozen times to go over ideas, suggestions, and information, and she was extremely helpful and sweet.

I can’t wait for my husband to see the album!! I just know he’s going to absolutely LOVE it. I am beyond happy, and I just wanted you all to know how special of an experience this was for me. Everyone and everything at Boudoir Divas was top-notch. I kept telling myself during the shoot to soak in every moment because this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Ha, not quite….once I viewed my photos, I decided I want to come back after the next baby 🙂 ! A million thanks to the best team of women- you ladies are awesome!”


Marissa, Please do not thank me, THANK YOU! I had an absolute blast with you, you truly have a gift! I had so much fun with you and hope to do it again sometime. Hopefully I can find some reason to, of course. I’m so very excited to see my pictures. Your studio and staff are great. You personally made my experience fantastic, I loved your sets, the music, all of it! I’m so happy to carry your name for references to girls because you do a great professional job! I’ve already spoken of you at work! I’m finding it hard to keep from my fiance! Your finishing touches, classy thoughts, and adorable experience to provide will always stand out! I will definitely be on your website/blog everyday checking stuff out. Please be in touch with me with information and if you ever need anything or help, would love to assist you and the diva fam 🙂 thanks again!!


“I had always wanted to do a boudoir shoot, and when I finally got up the nerve to do one, I was SHOCKED on how much fun I had! Marissa and the team at Boudoir Divas went out of their way to make me feel welcome and VERY comfortable! I smiled and laughed and had SOOOO much fun! Would I do it again….in a heartbeat! The ultimate joy of the event is that the confidence you feel stays with you long after the shoot is over. 🙂 It awakened a feeling of beauty inside me that I had never felt before. I’m truly grateful for the experience…and I encourage ALL women who want to feel sexy and flirty and beautiful (no matter what size or age you are!) to GO FOR IT! You won’t regret it!”
xoxoxo -Diane P

“p.s.- I still have people complimenting me on the video from my shoot….and my smile just gets bigger! 🙂 Thank you Boudoir Divas!”


I wanted to e-mail you to let you know that my husband Chris absolutely loved my pictures! He was in awe as he looked through them. When I first gave him the greeting card on his wedding night (the one of his guitar and the bottom of my body), he was like “Wow. That looks like my guitar!” Then I asked him, “Whose legs do those look like?” He said, “I don’t know, some model’s?” At that point I gave him the book. His mouth was hanging open the whole time as he looked through it. He said every single picture was his favorite.Thanks so much for your hard work on my pictures. I am SOOOO glad that I got them done. My husband is even more glad!


“First of all – THANK YOU!! You made me feel so relaxed and comfortable in a very unusual setting – at least for me 🙂 I just looked at the pictures and some are absolutely amazing!! I didn’t even recognize they were me!!!

Take care and I hope you don’t mind but I am sharing your name and information with everyone who will listen…I truly believe you have a talent for finding that inner beauty and capturing it on film. Thanks again for making me FEEL beautiful and making me LOOK beautiful!!”



To The Lovely Boudoir Divas: I am writing to say thank you, thank you, thank you for such an amazing shoot yesterday. It was fabulous from the time I walked in to see my name and knew I had come to precisely the right place to feel welcome and comfortable sharing such an intimate experience. Dana did a fantastic job on my hair and makeup and helped me feel at ease. And then there is Erin. Talk about your best friend, confidante, stylist, and amazingly talented photographer all in one dynamic darling package. How can anyone not love Erin? She guided me past the mental meltdown of fashion crisis though choosing from the wardrobe I brought and adding pieces to complete the looks. She immediately knew what kind of feel that I wanted for the shoot and which of your gorgeous scenes would emote that feeling. We went through the shoot talking about boys and movies and puppies and Pistol Annies and photography and WPPI and anything and everything like we were besties. (I seriously had a hard time saying goodbye to someone cool enough to be a lil sis.) Oh and can I tell you she posed me naturally and comfortably in my beloved 7 inch heels…. with my sprained ankle.

The viewing was wonderful. My husband and I were completely at ease viewing and sorting through the gorgeous work with such great poses, lighting, and subtle post processing. I was never more certain that the Supermodel option had been the definite right choice.

We haven’t even received the images and my husband was already talking about what looks would be amazing for my “next” shoot with the Boudoir Divas. Thank you for making me a rock star for the day.
– Amanda


Deena, OH MY GOSH! I can’t even believe how amazing they turned out! It was perfect timing because we’re just getting ready to leave tomorrow for a trip to France, and those photos definitely made me feel so sexy and ready for a romantic vacation. Thanks again for putting me so at ease during the shoot. I will be in touch when we get back to decide on an album. Choosing my favorites will be SO difficult, I can already tell.



“Thank you so very much for making the entire experience so relaxing and fun. From the upbeat music in the background to your ability to make conversation and ease any nervous feelings, the shoot was more fun than I anticipated. Your creativity and coaching were superb. It is evident that you enjoy what you do and there is so much to be said for that. You and the girls at the studio have a knack for making your clients feel comfortable and special. I left feeling like the endeavor was worthwhile and I am excited to see the prints.”


In the midst of crazy wedding planning and overwhelming details, taking sexy photos for my future husband with Boucher Photography was just the escape I needed. I was spoiled with a glass of champagne and a luxurious “red” costume room to do my primping. The music videos, lights, and sensual back drops made me feel like a model. I had so much fun!!!

My husband was completely surprised by my gift, thinking I had gotten him a surfboard or something else ordinary. He couldn’t believe I had taken the time to capture photos of myself just for him. All he could say is “You are so beautiful! Wow! You are so beautiful! I can’t believe this!”.

This gift is priceless and I am grateful to have photos to remember this special time of my life.

Thank you!!!


He absolutely LOVES his gift. He still can’t get enough of it. I don’t think I have ever seen him smile the way he did when he was looking through it for the first time. He said that it is without a doubt the best gift he has ever received. He thought that you did such an awesome job and was so impressed with the quality of the album. Now he is already talking about my next photo shoot with you. So I guess you could say it was a success! Thank you so so much!!

Mary Lou

“My husband loved the pictures I gave him and is looking forward to more of them. He’ll have to wait until our Anniversary in April, haha! That makes me feel so good. And your work is absolutely fantastic. I will recommend you to anyone wanting creative photos taken, you have such an eye for angles and light, and your airbrushing is beautiful. And your personality makes it a pleasant experience instead of an uncomfortable stiff and fake thing.

Although nervous, I felt quickly at ease because you are friendly and professional as well as sweet. I’ve never done anything like that before and it made me feel really special to be fussed over.”
-Mary Lou