Believe in Beauty Campaign

Our business is about so much more than taking sexy photos. It about the impacting that heart of woman, and about celebrating God’s beauty. For years we have really tried to put a finger on what it is we do here, we have tried to sum up all the deep emotions we have in regard to what drives us here…
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“Beauty draws us in. We can’t stop looking or listening or touching. It takes us outside ourselves and it motivates us. It’s essential to life and to happiness.”— Nancy Etcoff


believe in beauty campaignAt The Boudoir Divas, we “Believe in Beauty.” As it stands to us, beauty is awe. It’s enchantment. It’s peace. It’s a reminder that there is much more to life than just what we have here physically on Earth, and rather a feeling that, often, is impossible to explain.

“Believe in Beauty” is a campaign of positivity and empowerment to ignite confidence in all women; all shapes and sizes, all ages and races. It is a decision for women everywhere to celebrate themselves just as they are. A decision not only to say, but to believe that one’s uniqueness holds a beauty unlike anyone else’s and to embrace that for all it is worth.  

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We learn very early all about what ‘pretty’ looks like and society has done a good job of making sure that there is little room for interpretation. Whether we realize it or not, as women, we all measure ourselves up against something that we deem as being “more beautiful” than us. The question is not “how have women allowed this mentality to be the norm,” but rather “why are we feeding into it, diminishing our confidence along the way?”

As we get older, we think we outgrow an overt desire to feel beautiful all the time, but do we really?

Perhaps it’s not constant or a truly obvious desire, like when we were young, but more of a quiet undercurrent. We find it re-surfacing from time-to-time when we are bombarded by images of unrealistic beauty on magazine covers, television, movies and ads everywhere. We see these images and tend to quietly, possibly subconsciously, tell ourselves that we don’t look anything like the women who confidently stare back at us from the magazine stand.

Situations like this may affirm the nagging belief that our day-to-day lives, busy and less glamorous, keep us from the opportunity to embrace our beauty the way our favorite celebrities do on a regular basis. By the time we are 30 years old, we have seen countless images of commercialized beauty splashed across the screens and pages, hitting us in the face and leaving their mark on our hearts- and the woman who says she isn’t affected by this is either made of steel, or in denial. This subtle exchange of thoughts that continues through our adult lives tends to create a mental picture of ourselves that leaves us feeling frumpy, un-sexy, and bordering on the socially frowned upon…. “insecure.” According to research done by Dove® only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful.

believe in beauty campaign

But it doesn’t need to stay that way. This campaign can be an adjustment in most women’s way of thinking and perceiving; almost a rewiring of a woman’s psyche. We believe that we can write new messages, wipe the slate clean, and redefine what beauty means. We have created an experience to combat those nagging voices in our mind. To create a process that helps women discover and affirm her unique beauty or perhaps strongly remind her of who she is. Its says, “I want to celebrate ME just as I am right now,” regardless of society’s constant bombardment of what is or isn’t accepted in mainstream marketing and advertising.
We’re doing this to give ”her” the opportunity to tear down the walls of negativity she has created in her mind and build up new beliefs about herself. Creating a new truth for your life, your personal “Believe in Beauty” mantra to speak to yourself, to imbed so strongly in your mind, that it even subconsciously attacks any negativity.renewing
That is why The Boudoir Divas experience has been so incredibly impactful in the lives of countless women. It’s not about getting a makeover or putting on lingerie and long lashes. It runs so much deeper than that. The boudoir photo shoot experience is empowering. It is a decision to celebrate yourself, just as you are, right now. By stepping away from your everyday life, and stepping into a world where you are allowed to see yourself in a completely new light, something truly powerful happens. Taking time out of our normal lives to say, “I believe in my own unique beauty.” The messages of “not enough” begin to disappear, one at a time, through this experience. Those ideas that you used to believe in are now replaced by this new message: “Believe in Beauty.”

The Boudoir Divas photo shoot experience isn’t meant to be a one-time fix all. Our goal as photographers is to capture each client’s one-of-a-kind beauty and maybe even show women a different side of themselves that they might hide away or ignore, possibly transforming their view of a so-called “flaw” to a trait they embrace.

The photo shoot is the turning point of the journey and the photos are to be used as a reminder every time you see them; to bring back the new emotions and beliefs you created. Some may even have to look at the photos daily, reminding them to repeat their Believe in Beauty mantra. The photo shoot experience serves as a vehicle to transport our clients into a new world, into a new way of thinking. We believe that this helps women find the encouragement, long after their photo shoot experience, to Believe in their own Beauty and to continue on with their own legacy of lifelong self-empowerment and celebration. <beleive in beauty

Believe in beauty that is within every single woman.

Believe in beauty that is unaffected by what society says.

Believe in beauty that is unique, uncommon and different.

Believe in beauty that is grounded in poise, self-acceptance and inner grace.

Believe in beauty that fuels confidence.

Believe that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, just as you are.

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