Before & Afters

We truly believe that all women are uniquely beautiful – and we LOVE having the chance to give our clients an experience where they can see themselves in a new light. The reason why we choose to share these Before and Afters is to showcase another side of their beauty – their “Diva Bombshell” side! Typically only celebrities and models have a chance to show off that side, and we feel like all women should have the opportunity to be pampered and have a fun photo shoot experience that reveals a new aspect of their beauty.

We also hear over and over again comments from women who look at our website and say, ‘I could never look like that’… and we want to say, YES YOU CAN! Our clients are everyday women of all ages, all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. We want to showcase YOU and your unique beauty, in a special way through the boudoir experience. Even Marissa & Kimberlee, the owners of the studio, have shared their Before & After photos – so that you can see that ANYONE can do this!

Our all-female team works together to bring out this new side of your beauty – starting with our amazing hair and makeup artists, who get you all glammed-up. Then our expert photographers will coach you through the entire experience, finding poses that work best for you – and also utilizing lighting techniques to compliment you and make you look your best. All of this combined is what makes up the Boudoir Divas experience – and we are really proud of it!