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"The photo shoot I had with you has had a profound affect on my life. I had that shoot in December, 2015, for my 46th birthday. That day was the day I realized I could look as beautiful in pictures as I felt on the inside. That shoot ignited a fire inside me to want to be photographed and enjoy everything about it. It’s coming up to four years after my special day with The Boudoir Divas and my 50th birthday. My goal is to take some more pictures with you this year and show how incredible I feel inside and out and that at 50 you can shine your brightest yet! "
- TERI R (Photos are from her 50th when she came back! ☺️)
"I just wanted to say, the more I read, learn and understand the core ideology of your company, the more I respect it. It was really a pleasure working with you and I think it's great what you and your team are doing. I use to work for a girls' empowerment magazine and I was always so confused by the speakers or authors we featured who would recite mantras like, "...love yourself" and "every woman is beautiful and unique.." I always felt conflicted because I always wanted to ask them HOW!?!? What are the actual steps someone could take to feel beautiful? And I think you and your team are actually doing it. You're not just saying it, you're making it real for women. So kudos! Can't wait to work with you again! You're marketing is also amazing!" -Whitney of Fine Mag
"Absolutely amazing. They made me feel like the most beautiful woman ever and I had a really great make up and hair job done by Ashley.

I really really love this photography studio, I wanted to do this for many years with this amazing company and I waited to finally have it done. I'm really happy with the pictures that I got, I will treasure them forever.

These ladies really know what they're doing and they are so professional. I just booked my second shoot with them literally a year and a day from my first shoot. I never expected to want to do another shoot, but I really can't wait!! This time we're going to do the "By the Sea" shoot of the sunset and some looks inside." (Images from her 2nd shoot!)
"My experience was fantastic. I was nervous, but they felt very nurturing, it felt celebratory! I feel that with you, Ashley, and Lindsey after the effervescent, vulnerable, and intimate photographic and liberating experiences I had with each of you on my two shoots. The photos looks like me, but a version I don't usually see. Then, when I see the enlargements in my room, I always smile fondly of the memories, guts, and end result!"
- Amy
"I've had my photos taken at my heaviest weight.."
Everyone is fighting their own personal battles. Some wounds you can see, some you can't.
We aren't afraid of your scars, we want to help you wear them with pride.
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I was very nervous as a lot of women would be, but the experience was very nurturing, very celebratory. I felt very comfortable and it was a lot of fun! When you see the photos you’ll look back upon them and reflect and feel very happy about the experience. 
- Amy
I'm in love with how my pictures turned out, as a mom I'm struggling to embrace my tummy after 2 kids. But not at this shoot! I'm so proud of how I look and my husband
LOVED them!!
- Vanessa
My experience with the all women staff at The Boudoir Divas have been nothing short of fantastic. Just trust the process. Listen to your Makeup Artist. They know what they're talking about. Listen to your Photographer too. When you go with the flow, you will look fantastic in the end. Trust me. I'll be coming back and so is my friends and family. 
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Let's have some fun together!
We talk to so many women that say they will come in later "when ______."

"When I lose weight."

"When I have time."

"When I get x, y, or z done."

But the truth is that celebrating who you are RIGHT NOW is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself.

It's time to love yourself unconditionally.
Your beautiful photos will be a reminder of your essence & strength.
You deserve this.
Because girl you are MAGIC!
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